Saving Electricity Through The Energy Egg

I was walking in the scouring heat of the sun. It was really thirsty and I need to rest for a while. I then saw children playing outside the house. The door is open I suddenly saw the TV is on and noticed that no one is watching. I was just think to myself that it is a waste of electricity. There parents has not yet educate this child to turn off anything whenever it is not use. Until I got home, I was just wondering why the heat is really different compared to a few decade ago. The heat will definitely feel like a bite of an ant. Is this what they called Global Warming?

Global Warming really is alarming, If you try understand the sea level is rising. Catastrophe such as floods is a product of global warming. If you try to observe in the desert area there are some areas that is flooded. How come the desert is flooded. This is just a question that everybody is asking. Have heard the news? Zin, Nekaro and Arava rivers in Israel flooded. Really its true, there is no escape wherever you are in terms of floods. How can we avoid this type of situation.

There are many things  to avoid this natural catastrophe… First we start the cause of it. The cause of it is electricity usage. Do you believe that? Let me explain further, electricity uses coal and we know that coal is a pure carbon. When this carbon mix with oxygen it will result to Carbon dioxide which has a greenhouse effect. It will eventually the cause of global warming. Allow me to explain a little bit cleare in our own understanding. Suppose you have a car and it is park in the open parking area under the heat of the sun. When the heat get inside to the car with the window is tightly closed, what happen to the car? Obviously the heat can’t escape. That is the reason of global warming. Carbon dioxide is a blanket that wrap our atmosphere and the heat can’t escape. So, what happen next?

Next to global warming are, floods as what I have mentioned. Unpredictable weather condition and rising sea level.Global warming really is a scary one and how can help with this. Oh, theres nothing I can do. Really, try to save electricity to reduce electricity production. In this case, it will literally lessen electricity.

A couple of days ago I abused electricity because I forgot to turn off my TV or any appliances. But today, I was using the energy egg that will automatically turn off your appliances. When you go out to your room, the energy egg will have a 5-30 minutes time delay. If you will not come back, then all your appliances that is plug in to the energy egg will automatically shut down. This is really a powerful device that I can recommend you to help awareness in the society. It will be easy and it is very affordable. You can visit our website to learn more how to use this newly invented device that has a smart sensor which can detect human.

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The Energy Egg – Automatic Power Off

Electricity become revolutionary to mankind. If try to look at your environment, lights and modern equipments build and powered by electricity. Every homes has electricity, without electricity no cellphones, gadgets, appliances and any electronic device. Have you ever think using it on the right way? Some people are just abusing the product of technology. They’re just leaving the air condition, electric fan, heater and even television open with no one is using. These are just electricity abused. We can’t avoid it, maybe now we can…
Recent study suggest that using the electricity egg, will not only reduced your electricity consumption but it will avoid electricity abused. So far, this type of technology has been spreading through out the world. This is how technology evolve, to counter all abuses.

How it works?
The energy has a smart sensor that can detect humans. When your in your room, the energy egg won’t power off your appliances or any sort of electronic device which your using. But if you go outside your room, this sensor detect that no humans in the room and the timer will start. You can set the timer from 5 to 30 minutes long. After a minute and no one will get inside the room then it will  start to beep. That is the indication that every elctronic device plug to the energy egg will turn off. You can push the button at the top of the energy egg after it turn off and the power goes again.

I’ll tell you how useful this device specially when you using electric fan. Electric fan easily overheated and we knew how dangerous it is. It is were fire start. My neighbor forget to turn off his electric fan and then he go to work. He just shock when someone called him that is house in on fire and the cause is the electric fan. Not only electric fan will overheat, we charger, cellphone, tv and many others not to mention all. If you just try to ignore it, you just forget your safety. It is only a matter of doing safety precautions into our home. That is our place and we invest so much on it. Try it and you can see the difference. Going into your work without any worries because everything is right.

Contact us now and we will give you the latest offer that is really affordable.

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The Energy Egg And Global Warming

Lately I used to play games like Xbox and some online games. Electricity consumption on these games don’t matter at all. My parents are government employee and they have good income. I think everything is well in terms to electricity consumption. I spent 7-8 hours a day, sometimes I left this game open without turning it off. I don’t care about how much electricity they paid, I don’t event bother myself asking them. In terms of electronic device, I have Iphone4 and PSP. I’m abundant about this but sometimes I think I can’t use them at once. Am I in the state of maturity?

As my parents working, they come home late. When they arrived, I’ve already sleeping. The in the morning we take breakfast together, some small talks and go. This is just life, way beyond what I expected. I’m just 15 years old and not so much too friendly. I still much friendly on the online environment. I have so much friend there that I can talk about the game’s strategy. Although time in online is very fast compared to real environment I still love it. Until such time I watch videos about future of our mother earth. I then internalized at my young age to help. Though it is very strange instantly or I think I’ve done on my games and need more experience on helping the environment. Imagine our earth will not last long, maybe 3 billion years our star would vanish and a thousand years catastrophic phenomena would occur. How are we going to survive in this situation.

Now for more the meantime, global warming is a very hot issue. If you tried viewing global warming in youtube you can imagine how enormous it grows and how scary if it will happen. It will happen then maybe a decade from now. The effect would be devastating and nothing would survive not even bacteria. If you can imagine Mars, that would likely our earth would happen.

I became active in my school and they used me to promote some useful product that is helpful in reducing the effect of Global Warming. They’ve said that I’m nerd in computer but they don’t know it’s only online games. Stuff like this is not useful to develop your personality. I participated in the environment awareness program. The product they’ve introduced is the energy egg. I’ve already tested it, I still play games and left the room without turning it off. But guess what happen? This the energy egg automatically shutdown power when you go out, it can sense human. Well, this depend on settings that you made before you go out. You can set the timer from 5 – 30 minutes. When it is only a minute counting, it will beep and this is a message that your power is going to turn off. If you will not respond to this beeping.  In my opinion it is very useful at my own age that is really forgetful.

I introduced this to my parents and they’ve said they will introduce this to their office mate also. You know what is the relation between this device, electricity and global warming? Electricity burned coal and coal is a pure carbon, this carbon can damaged the atmosphere and it will result to global warming. So they are still integrates each other. You too can help the environment by spreading this device. I’ll highly recommended this specially at my age.

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Why The Energy Egg Is Important?

Today I’m going to show you how the energy egg become part of the environment. Let’s start to the deepest effect and how can we minimize it’s effect. As we all knew, there arThe Energy Egge several ways to generate electricity.  We have Fossil Fuels, Wind Power, Hydro Electric Power, Tidal Power and Wave Power, Solar Power, Geothermal Energy and Nuclear Energy. Pardon me if I forget some other methods. Now the most common is Fossil Fuels, because it is very abundant, cost less and efficient. It will take 300 years before this fossil fuels will run out. I don’t bother myself thinking ahead this 3 century. I guess I’m on the peaceful side of the universe in these years.

Let’s take a glimpse on the atmosphere and how this Fossil Fuels integrates  the global warming. Atmosphere naturally produces carbon dioxide, but because of enormous carbon dioxide the light from the sun can’t escape. These causes global warming. I find this explanation very complicated. To make it a little understandble to you, let me show you an example. Supposed you have a van in the parking area open to the heat of the sun. When the van’s window closed tightly and the heat of the sun enters to the window, what will happen? The heat is trapped inside the van, the heat can’t escape because the window is closed. This is the same to our earth. Van is our earth and the window is the carbon dioxide.

What will I do to save our mother earth?
The least you can do is to save electricity. Less electricity consumptions become less electricity production. This doesn’t mean you don’t use electricity anymore, or going back to stone age. Don’t waste electricity, don’t leave the TV on when no one is watching, just like that. Now for the record, you need electronic device that can do these automatically. The energy egg is very useful according to my experienced. This device has a smart sensor that can detect human. It can differentiate sitting and standing or even going outside. It is really a powerful electronic device to save electricity. I used it all the time. My TV, Computer, charger, heater etc.

These are simple ways to do yet we didn’t notice. Do you want future for mankind, then lets unite and make ourself more useful. Humans must exist in any means from global warming trends, voyage to other planets, wormhole and everything that may possible we should do. This our fate and we face it.

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